LONDON: 10th July 2012

Mr Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), has praised Senior Federal Advisor Mr Rehman Malik for resigning from the senate on the issue of the dual nationality. He said that Mr Malik has raised the heads of over 1.5 million overseas Pakistanis with pride by resigning the senate membership.

Talking to Mr Malik on telephone Mr Hussain said that the opposition parties were claiming that the bill on the dual nationality was being introduced in order to protect Mr Malik. The resignation by Mr Malik has thrown the opposition off balance, he added.

Mr Hussain said that Mr Malik had demonstrated by showing solidarity with the overseas Pakistanis, that the bill was actually introduced for giving the right to vote to Pakistanis living abroad.

Mr Malik thanked Mr Hussain for the support given by the MQM in passing of the amended contempt of court bill by National Assembly. He also praised Mr Hussain’s role in promoting democracy in the country and the continuation of the democratic system.

Mr Malik Said that the leadership of the Peoples Party holds Mr Hussain in high esteem for supporting the government and President Asif Zardari in testing times.

Mr Malik said that the MQM is a strongly allied party of the PPP and the two parties will cooperate with each other for promoting democracy and bringing stability in the country.

MQM Co-Ordination Committee Member Urges Nawaz Sharif And Imran Khan To Explain Their Position

Commenting on the recent interview by the US ambassador Mr Cameron Munter in which he had said that both Mr Nawaz Sharif and Mr Imran Khan had assured that they supported the United States, member of the Co-ordination Committee of the MQM Mr Muhammad Ashfaq has urged upon Mr Sharif and Mr Khan to explain their positions. Mr Ashfaq said it is highly unfortunate that the political leadership of the country says a lot of thing and plays with the sentiments of public but the real situation is diametrically opposed to views expressed by these leaders in public. Mr Ashfaq asked Mr Sharif and Mr Khan to clarify if the positions taken by them in public regarding the United States were correct or the US ambassador was speaking to the truth.